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Colorado Library law (CR 24-90-109) defines the formation as well as the powers and duties of Colorado library district trustees. Simply, the governmental bodies—in this case, Larimer County and the City of Fort Collins--that founded Poudre River Public Library Trust District retain the authority to appoint--and if necessary to remove--library trustees.
  • Two representatives from each of the two participating governmental bodies--Larimer County and the City of Fort Collins—create a committee responsible for appointing Board of Trustees.
  • Trustees are named by majority vote---requiring 2/3 majority ratification the founding legislative bodies.
After the initial board appointments, the governmental bodies establishing a district have the authority to delegate future appointments to the board itself, if they deem it appropriate, but retain the ability to reassert their appointment prerogative at will.

The very same process employed to appoint the initial Poudre River Public Library District Board of Trustees will be utilized—per consensus at the time of the district formation--to fill future trustee positions. The process will facilitate continued leadership between the governmental bodies as well as protect the District from majority interests of the Board of Trustees.

Any details not covered by law, are defined in collaboration with our governing bodies.
  • Announcement and posting processes: Trustee openings are posted on both the City of Fort Collins and Larimer County websites.
  • Applications are received by Larimer County.
  • Once the deadline had closed, applications are circulated to the representatives named by each governing body, interviews are scheduled and conducted.
Through the appointment process the founding governmental units and their elected officials retain an enduring measure of oversight and authority.

The Poudre River Public Library District Trustees are responsible for the management and supervision of the libraries within the district. They are responsible for the appropriation and spending of District funds as well as submitting an annual budget.

They will supervise and govern service agreements between the District and governmental bodies. They will facilitate the development and adopt final versions of the bylaws, rules and regulations for the library district.

  • Trustees must be at least 18 years of age and residents within the legal service area of the district.
  • Trustee terms--as outlined by the bylaws—are for 4 years and Trustees are limited to 2 terms.
  • Trustees will not receive financial compensation for their service.
  • Trustees can be released from their term by a majority vote of the appointing bodies but only upon a showing of good cause as defined but not limited to the bylaws (governed by Colorado law 24-90-108).

Poudre River Public Library District, 301 Olive Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524, (970) 221-6740
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