Key Findings
2010: A Year of Renewal.

About Library Services and Circulation

About Library Services and Circulation

  • Visitation: split relatively evenly by location, with a slightly higher percentage visiting Main Library. Respondents indicated they visit the library at least once per month.
  • Computer use: consistently high at all Library locations
  • Computer users: range in age from youth to seniors, with more male users than female
  • Browsing: highest in new book and audio-visual sections
  • Reserves: customers picking up hold items engaged in quick, transactional visits
  • Returns: customers replenish items at a similar level to number of items returned
  • Programs: 30% of respondents attend programs, with the majority attending children’s or family programming
  • Use: respondents viewed the Library as first a resource for borrowing materials and second as a community service organization to promote reading and learning
  • Average checkout per visit: three items per customer
  • Average annual circulation per customer: 25 items

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About Library Customers

  • Average customer age: 35.3
  • Dominant customer age group: 25 -34
  • 84% of total customer population is age 55 and under
  • Most customers live within the Fort Collins city limits
  • The majority of customers outside the city limits reside south of Fort Collins
  • More than 50% of residents within a 1.5 mile radius of each Library location have a library card
  • Each Library location within the system was found to have significant differences in the demographic makeup of residents living within a 1.5 mile radius, suggesting diversity in the services of each Library
  • Customer age varies by location:
    Main Library – concentration of young adults and professionals
    Harmony Library – highest concentration of seniors
    Council Tree Library – highest concentration of “tweens”
  • Children: 43% of respondents have at least one child under the age of 18 living in the home, vs. 29% of residents in the total Library District area

Other Trends and Highlights:

Library use:

  • 60% of respondents have read at least 10 books in the past year
  • 79% indicated their primary library use was browsing and borrowing books

Customer satisfaction:

  • High for the majority of services
  • More DVDs and CDs available for borrowing
  • Desired enhancements:
    50% indicated increased availability of new materials would drive additional use
    Highest-rated enhancements: downloadable materials and self-service kiosks

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