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Renewal Through Renovation

PiesIn 2010, the Poudre River Public Library District hired OZ Architecture to provide schematic design services for the remodeling and expansion of Main Library in downtown Fort Collins. Eleven Design Advisory Group meetings, two board meetings and three community meetings informed the proposed design solution.

The desire for a transparent and collaborative design process led the Poudre River Public Library District to host three “Public Information Effort” (PIE) Community Meetings. The PIE community meetings invited the public to come learn more about the proposed remodel and expansion and to share ideas, while enjoying a piece of pie. The meetings helped to keep the community informed about details such as budget, schedule, design concepts, floor plans, and user demographic information, and encouraged the public to identify opportunities for a variety of specific elements such as:

  • Building Character
  • Site
  • Interior Environment
  • Technology
  • Sustainability

Library Floor PlanA review of updated plans and construction phasing to demonstrate how the Main Library will remain open during renovation was included in the meetings.

The schematic design has developed at an exciting pace and addressed both the practical needs of the Poudre River Library District and the community’s vision. The proposed library design allows for future flexibility, minimizes site impact, is considerate to the schedule, is accountable to the budget and realizes the community’s vision for this wonderful project.

The Main Library was originally designed in response to a 1975 City Ordinance that limited the building footprint of the first floor; the proposed 6,000 square feet infill expansion requires voter permission through a ballot initiative. This initiative will appear on the April 2011 ballot. Funding for the project has been saved through existing library funds. Visit http://www.poudrelibraries.org/locations/remodel for additional details about the process, and for up-to-date information and answers to frequently asked questions about the project.

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