A Year in Review
2010: A Year of Renewal

Renewal Through Research

Splish, Splash, SingThe Poudre River Public Library District continually seeks to understand the wants and needs of our customers. To that end, we conducted a research study from June – October 2010 that included a cardholder survey and market analysis, an ethnographic study, and a customer survey. A historical and present view of the customer base, a makeup of the demographic and geographic positioning of our customers and a segmentation of the customer base into behavioral groups identified opportunities available to the Library District to increase our impact in the community while improving organizational efficiency.

Nearly 8,000 people completed our online survey, which revealed a series of demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal trends allowing us a deeper understanding of library customers. The customer survey provided a wealth of insight into the customer perspective, behavioral trends and opportunities for new and enhanced service delivery. The information gathered will help the Library District audit current services and plan for the future. Read more about the key findings, trends and other highlights from our 2010 research endeavors. Back to Top

Renewal Through Reorganization

ReOrg GuySuperhero character “ReOrg Guy” stewarded the effort of reorganization of Poudre River Public Library District staff in 2010.

In order to share decision-making responsibility throughout all levels of staff and geographical locations of the district, we developed and implemented five self directed “Teams” in the areas of Circulation, Programming, Collection, Customer Experience and Learning Organization.

The guiding principles for the District reorganization are:

  • We are committed to the District's mission, vision, and values
  • Everything we do is for the benefit of our customers
  • The Poudre River Public Library District is a learning organization that continues to evolve and remain relevant in a changing world
  • We respect our staff as our greatest resource. Every employee contributes value to the District. We strive to enhance the skills, knowledge, passion and commitment of our staff members.
  • The District is greater than the sum of its parts. We are most effective when we all work together toward a common goal to provide our customers with the best experiences possible.

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Renew, Refresh, Read Local

Author J.A. JanceThe Poudre River Public Library District launched a new public awareness campaign in summer of 2010, kicking off the first of many fall programs promoting reading, writing and the love of literature. Partnerships with Old Firehouse Books and Fort Collins Reads are among the many collaborative community endeavors in which the Library engages, with programs like Autumn Authors Abound and NaNoWriMo anchoring our efforts to tie internationally acclaimed authors and worldwide writing events to an emphasis on local reading.Back to Top


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