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The following features will give you additional options for managing your holds. You will find these options by logging in to My Account and then clicking on the link indicating you have requests (holds).

It is important to remember that after making any modifications to your holds list you must click on the button:

Submit Changes

Change Your Pickup Location:
Take advantage of this option if you wish to change the location your hold will be sent to.
Note: You will not have the option to change your pickup location if the item is already in transit to fulfill your request, or if the item is showing a status of "Ready".
  • In the row corresponding to the request you wish to modify and the column labeled "Pickup Location" find the drop down menu of libraries.
  • Click on the name of the library you would prefer your requested item be sent to.
  • If necessary, make additional changes to Pickup Locations for other holds in your list.
  • Click on the "Submit Changes" button to save your changes.

Freezing Holds:
If you are going out of town, or if you simply wish to better manage when your holds come in, you may freeze your requests. If you reach the top of the waiting list while your hold is frozen, the next available copy will be sent to the next person in the waiting list. We will continue to send available items to the next waiting patron until you choose to re-activate your request.

Note: You will not be able to freeze any request if:
  • An item is already checked in.
  • An item is on the holdshelf.
  • An item is in transit to fulfill your hold request.
  • The item is showing a status of "Ready."
  • If a hold was placed more than 255 days ago, the Freeze column displays "This hold is too old to be suspended." This means the hold cannot be Frozen.

How to Freeze Your Hold:
  • Find the column labeled "Freeze" at the far right of your list of holds.
  • For each request you wish to freeze, click in the checkbox in this column.
  • Click on the "Submit Changes" button to save your changes.
  • Holds that have been successfully frozen will show a checkmark in the "Freeze" column.
Re-activate your frozen hold:
  • Click in the "Freeze" column checkbox for the request you wish to re-activate. This should remove the checkmark from the checkbox.
  • Do this for any additional holds you wish to re-activate.
  • Click on the "Submit Changes" button to save your changes.


When an item you have requested is ready for you to pick up, the status will indicate how long that item will be held for you.

Note: You will not be able to place holds if you have a block/message on your account. Call 221-6740 to clear the block.

Poudre River Public Library District, 301 Olive Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524, (970) 221-6740
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