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Why Can't I Connect to My Account from Home?
I Need to Renew Materials and Can't Get Online - Help!

Log In to Your Library Account
  1. My Account can be accessed from the catalog while you are in the library, or from home with an Internet connection.
  2. In the first box, enter your Last Name.
  3. Press the Tab key on your keyboard or click in the second box.
  4. In the second box, enter the number from your library card. Your library card number is below the barcode on the front of your Library Card.
    Library Card

    Enter the entire number, with no spaces. Your number will appear on the screen as a series of asterisks.
  5. Click the "Display Record" button.
Your account will always show:
  • Your Name, Address and Phone Number.
  • The date your library card expires.*
  • A Modify Personal Information button.
  • A Search the Catalog form.
  • A My Searches button.
  • A My History button.
  • A My Lists button.
  • A Log Out button.
* Your card expires every two years. Visit one of the libraries and present a current/valid ID and proof of address to renew your card. You will keep your barcode number.

Your account may also show:
  • Your email address.
  • Items you have checked out.
  • Items you have on hold.
  • Your interlibrary loan requests.
  • Any extended use and rental fees you owe the library.

Modify Your Personal Information
  • Select the "Modify Personal Information" link.
  • Update your address, phone number, or email address.
  • Select a default pickup location for your holds.
  • Use the "Submit" button to send your information to the library.
If you enter an email address, you will be notified of incoming holds, overdue items and Preferred Searches by email.

View Your Checked Out Titles

You will see a link with a count of the number of items your have checked out. Click the link to view a list of the titles, when they are due back to the library, and options to renew.

Renew Your Checked-Out Titles
  • You may wish to select the "Sort By due Date" button to show which items are due the soonest.
  • To renew all titles, select the "Renew All" button.
  • To renew only certain titles, mark the box to the left of each title you wish to renew, then select the "Renew Selected Titles" button.
  • You will see a message that says "These items will be renewed. Do you wish to proceed?" Click "Yes."
A message will then appear next to each title indicating one of the following:
  • If the item was successfully renewed, the word "Renewed" will appear in the status column along with a new due date.
  • If the item cannot be renewed, you will see a message in the status column that gives the reason for non-renewal, such as "Too Many Renewals" or "On Hold".
Remeber to record the new due date for your items.
  • Library items may be renewed a total of three times if extended use fees on your card are less than $5.00 and the item is not on hold for another library customer.
  • Three-week Prospector items may be renewed once, one-week items are not renewable.
  • InterLibrary Loan items are not renewable.
  • Items from the Here and Now Rental Collection check out for 6 weeks. The first week is free. On the eighth day you will start being charged $.25 per day, per item. After 6 weeks you will be charged the replacement cost of the item.

View Your Items on Hold

You will see a link with a count of the number of items your have on hold. Click the link to view a list of the items. The Status will tell you where you are in line. If you see "5 of 63 holds" you know that you will be the fifth person in line to get the item. If the status of the item is "Holdshelf", it is at the Library waiting to be picked up. Pickup location reflects the library you selected to send the item for pick up.

Make Changes in Your Holds

The following new features will give you additional options for managing your holds. It is important to remember that after making any modifications to your holds list you must click on the "Submit Changes" button.

Change Your Pickup Location:
Take advantage of this option if you wish to change the location your hold will be sent to.
  • In the row corresponding to the request you wish to modify and the column labeled "Pickup Location" find the drop down menu of libraries.
  • Click on the name of the library you would prefer your requested item be sent to.
  • If necessary, make additional changes to Pickup Locations for other holds in your list.
  • Click on the "Submit Changes" button to save your changes.
You will NOT have the option to change your pickup location if the item is:
  1. A Prospector item.
  2. Already in transit to fulfill your request.
  3. The item is showing a status of "Ready."
Freezing Holds:
If you are going out of town, or if you simply wish to better manage when your holds come in, you may now freeze your requests. If you reach the top of the waiting list while your hold is frozen, the next available copy will be sent to the next person in the waiting list. We will continue to send available items to the next waiting patron until you choose to re-activate your request.

Note: You will not be able to freeze a request if:
  • An item is already checked in.
  • An item is on the holdshelf.
  • An item is in transit to fulfill your hold request.
  • The item is showing a status of "Ready."

How to Freeze Your Hold:
  • Find the column labeled "Freeze" at the far right of your list of holds.
  • For each request you wish to freeze, click in the checkbox in this column.
  • Click on the "Submit Changes" button to save your changes.
  • Holds that have been successfully frozen will show a checkmark in the "Freeze" column.
Re-activate your frozen hold:
  • Click in the "Freeze" column checkbox for the request you wish to re-activate. This should remove the checkmark from the checkbox.
  • Do this for any additional holds you wish to re-activate.
  • Click on the "Submit Changes" button to save your changes.

New Status Appearance:

When an item you have requested is ready for you to pick up, the status will now indicate how long that item will be held for you.

View Your Interlibrary Loan Requests

Select the InterLibrary Loan link. If you have requested an ILL item and the it does not appear, the item has not yet been processed. If you have a question concerning an ILL request, call 204-8402.

View Your Overdue Extended Use and Rental Fees

Select the Fines link. You will see a list of any items on which you owe extended use or rental fees for the Here and Now Collection. Information such as title and author will be displayed along with the amount and reason for the fine/fee. You will also seen an option to Pay Online.

Search the Catalog
  • Use the the search box in your account to search the catalog just as you normally would.
Once logged in you will see a message across the top of your screen "YOU ARE LOGGED IN AS: Your Name."

If you choose to place holds, you will not have to enter your name and library card number for each request - only choose the pickup location.

You will also have the option to add a catalog search to Preferred Searches.

TIP: You can click on your name on any page in the catalog to return to your account.

Log Out

Be sure to click the LOGOUT button to log out of your account when you are done. When using the My Account feature at a public computer, it is VERY IMPORTANT to LOGOUT to protect your privacy.

Poudre River Public Library District, 301 Olive Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524, (970) 221-6740
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