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Limiting is a way to narrow the results of your search to only the type of item you are looking for. If you do a search that retrieves a lot of items, this will help you sort through those items to find the ones you're really interested in so you don't have to look at every record you find. For example, if you searched under the subject "gardening" and were really interested only in magazines on gardening, you can sort out all of the other types of materials and just show the magazines.

Any time you do an author, title, subject, series or number search in the catalog that retrieves more than one record, you will see the Limit / Sort button. Click the button and you will see a menu of all of the things you can limit by:
  • YEAR of publication limits your search to items published before, during, or after a year that you specify.
  • MATERIAL TYPE limits your search to only books, magazines, DVD's, CD's, etc. Pick the format you want from the menu.
  • LANGUAGE limits your search to only items in a particular language, English or Spanish.
  • PUBLISHER is especially useful for picking out Sunset books from a list of gardening books or Chilton's manuals from a list of auto repair manuals.
  • WHERE item is located allows you to find only those items in a particular collection such as Reference, Children's Picture Books, or Harmony books in Espanol.
  • Words in the AUTHOR
  • Words in the TITLE
  • Words in the SUBJECT
  • SORT RESULTS BY YEAR will sort the results by the most recent date first.
Stacking Limits

You can limit by up to four criteria. For example if you did a subject search for gardening you could then use limit to pull out of the list of items on gardening DVDs at the Harmony Library published after 2009.

Limiting in a Keyword Search

Limiting a Keyword Search is slightly different. Use the drop-down menus to limit before you begin the search. Then in the Browse Screen click the Modify Search button to change your limits as you wish.
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