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How do I print from a laptop?

How do I print from a mobile device?

To print an email message or attachment, simply forward your email:

Black and White Printer:

Color Printer:

There are several printers located at each library. Release the print job from the PC located next to each printer.

To release the print job from the Print Station (Pharos):

Step 1:
  • Wake up the Print Station (by touching the keyboard or moving the mouse)
  • Find your document(s)
    • Title should be in the middle column
  • Select your documents
  • See the total $$ amount to print all your documents
Step 2:

Insert money (cash or coin) into the tower by the Xerox machine OR swipe your credit card (A minimum of $0.25 charge will apply. Only 1 Xerox machine per building is equipped with a credit card reader. Please ask for assistance if you need help.)

Step 3:
  • Click on your job(s) and press PRINT
  • Your document can be found in the blue area of the Xerox Machine
Don't forget to collect your change or your print card!

How do I print a boarding pass?

Boarding passes are printed from the airline web pages. If the airline allows you to save a copy of the boarding pass as a PDF file, then:
  1. Save the PDF file to disk,
  2. Print the PDF file using this guest printing service.
Or, in Internet Explorer, click 'File>Save As>Web Archive, single file *.mht', and save the web page to a location you can browse to from the Printing Service.

Otherwise, you may perform a one-time installation of PrintWhere, a Windows print driver that allows easy selection and use of remote printers. Once installed, select PrintWhere as your print driver, choose the printer, and print your boarding pass.


Most boarding pass web pages are protected with a secret login ID and password. If you provide the URL (web address) of your boarding pass, the printing services will be blocked because your login name and password are not known by the print system.

PrintWhere is free.

Supported File formats

This printing service supports over 100 file formats, including:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio " Adobe PDF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • Fax
Complete list of file formats

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