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Lexile Chart

  • 1st Grade - 50 to 325
  • 2nd Grade - 350 to 525
  • 3rd Grade - 550 to 675
  • 4th Grade - 700 to 775
  • 5th Grade - 800 to 875
  • 6th Grade - 900 to 950
  • 7th Grade - 975 to 1025
  • 8th Grade - 1050 to 1075
  • 9th Grade - 1100 to 1125
  • 10th Grade - 1150 to 1175
  • 11th Grade and 12th Grade - 1200 to 1275

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Enter a keyword such as an author's name or subject to help narrow your results.

Reading Level

The reading levels range from the Kindergarten to 12th grade. The search can be narrowed down to the month of the school year.

For instance, if your child has just entered 5th grade, you would choose Grade 5, Month 1.

Interest Level

There are four levels of Interest in the Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts programs.

Interest level is based on the book's content, i.e. themes and ideas, and indicates for which age group a book is appropriate.

Accelerated Reader

  • Lower Grades (LG) - Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade
  • Middle Grades (MG) - 4th Grade thru 8th Grade
  • Middle Grades+ (MG+) - 6th Grade and Up
  • Upper Grades (UG) - 9th Grade thru 12th Grade

Reading Counts

  • Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade thru 6th Grade
  • 6th Grade thru 8th Grade
  • High School


Lexile Measures help determine the complexity of the text of an item based on word frequency and sentence length, establishing clear and consistent guidelines for reading comprehension from kindergarten through 12th grade.