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Hearing Loops

Hearing Loop Installed; switch hearing aid to T-Coil
What is a hearing loop and how does it work?

A Hearing Loop allows people who wear hearing aids to receive sound directly from the Community Room sound system in their own hearing aids. The hearing loop transmits sound through an installed wire that "loops" around the room and directs a signal to a part of the hearing aid called a T-Coil.

Do my hearing aids work in a hearing loop?

Your hearing aid will need to have a built-in wireless receiver called a T-coil. It is accessed by pushing a button on your hearing aid. You must have this T-coil setting activated before use. Please consult your audiologist to ensure your t-coils are properly adjusted.

Hearing loops improve hearing aids!

Digital hearing aids have improved significantly but difficulties often remain when in challenging listening situations. Hearing loops help hearing aid users overcome this problem by broadcasting sound without background noise or reverberation.

For those who do not have hearing aids equipped with a t-coil, individual receivers with headphones are available upon request.

For questions about your hearing aids visit your audiologist.
For more Information about hearing loops and a local loop directory, visit

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