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A Note from the Executive Director 2018


One of the best features of being the new Executive Director of the Poudre River Public Library District is meeting patrons from our community and listening to them explain how much they love our library. While I love hearing these stories, I am also reminded that the Poudre River Public Library District is only as strong as the support it receives from the community.

Our vision statement speaks to our hope that the Library District "is dynamic, responsive, and integral to the fabric of our community". Our Library, through it collections, programs, services and partnerships, is molded and improved by the diversity of our community. We are the first place patrons can go to learn about how our government works. Our collections come from very diverse sources so that all points of view can be researched, analyzed and understood. The Poudre River Public Library District has many trained professionals who navigate patrons toward quality, dependable sources that provide perspective needed to understand many of the impending changes we may see in the coming months.

As Executive Director of the Library, I believe we must build upon the underpinning of the basic tenet that has guided our library's development-providing access to information, ideas and experiences that make Fort Collins a better place to live, work and play.

There has been concern from residents in our library district of feeling fearful or unwelcome in our current social environment. The Equal Access Poster that hangs in all of our library locations is simply a document to affirm the Library's steadfast assurance to maintaining an inclusive environment that serves and welcomes ALL people.

The Poudre River Public Library District will never condone any behaviors that spread bigotry, discrimination, stereotyping, harassment or racism.

We open our doors daily to offer an environment where people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures can find a caring and supportive environment whereby users can engage in lifelong learning, creativity and discovery. Everyone is welcome here.

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