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Poudre River Public Library District

Poudre River Public Library District was established in 2006 by voter approval. The District's shared resources serve more than 207,000 people across a vast 1,800 square-mile region in northern Larimer County, Colorado. Anchored by three libraries in Fort Collins and a robust Community Outreach Department, the District is dedicated to matching diverse communities' needs, interests and priorities with exceptional opportunities for learning, intellectual stimulation, and personal enjoyment. In all its endeavors, Poudre Libraries aims to enrich the cultural, educational and economic life of the growing regional area which it serves.

For more information, visit or call (970) 221-6740.

Mission Statement

To create opportunities and build connections to strengthen our community

Strategic Vision

To be a vibrant and essential center for learning, inspiration, and engagement



We explore new ideas and knowledge to connect and engage with our customers.


We foster networks and relationships to strengthen the entire community.


We dream big. We embrace change and find ways to make a difference in people's lives. We strive to serve the community with integrity and excellence.


We create opportunities for people to belong, where they are able to learn and grow. We celebrate and reflect the diversity of our community. We are dedicated to free and equal access for all.

Intellectual Freedom

We champion the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction.


We honor our commitments to the community and to each other. We are stewards of the community trust and tax-funded resources. We maintain high standards in our work within a culture of transparency.

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