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Plans and Reports

Poudre River Public Library District makes every attempt to provide complete and open information to our tax-paying members.

Plans and reports can be viewed here or can be asked for from the District Administration office.

Master Plan

Master Plan Overview
FINAL REPORT, January 10, 2019 (PDF format/5MB)

Annual Report to the Community

Annual Report

2023 (PDF format/2.2M)
2022 (PDF format/885K)
2021 (PDF format/1.83M)
2020 (PDF format/856K)
2019 (PDF format/1M)
2018 (PDF format/1M)
2017 (PDF format/2M)
2016 (PDF format/769K)
2015 (PDF format/822K)
2014 (PDF format/1M)
2013 (PDF format/676K)
2012 (PDF format/6M)
2011 (PDF format/1,663K)
2010 (Transcript PDF format/1,028K)
2009(Transcript PDF format/698K)
2008 (PDF format/584K)
2007 (PDF format/400K)

Annual Development Report

2022 (PDF format/38M)

Community Conversations

2022 Community Conversations Findings (PDF format/810K)

Needs Assessment

2015 Needs Assessment Final Report (PDF format/620K)
(Focus Groups and Community Survey)

The State of eBooks and eReaders Report

A joint Poudre River Public, Front Range Community College, and Colorado State University libraries committee has released a report on the state of eBooks and eReaders. The purpose of the study was to gain a better understanding of this rapidly-developing topic, and to make recommendations aimed at serving the customers of each library. A summary report or the full version can be downloaded here.

Summary Report (PDF format/70KB)
Extended Report (PDF format/2MB)

Strategic Plans

Strategic plans are designed to help the Library District accomplish its mission and set priorities for library service.

Strategic Plan 2023-2025 (PDF format/1.9MB)

Facilities Plan

This facilities master plan is the result of the District's continuing long-range planning efforts. The Library District Board of Trustees adopted this plan in July of 2009. The plan identifies the space needs of the District and recommends options for serving the communities outside the Fort Collins City boundaries.

Executive Summary (PDF format/30K)
Full Facilities Plan (PDF format/5.5MB)

Technology Plan

The Poudre River Public Library District's vision is to be a dynamic and responsive institution, integral to the fabric of the community. Technology services, including public access computers, the Internet, online services, and staff technical training, play an expanded role in fulfilling the Library District's mission and vision. This plan ensures that the Library District maintains a culture of short-term and long-term comprehensive technology planning and support. The plan sets the Library District's broad goals for meeting the increasing demand for library services, and outlines specific related objectives and activities to provide measurable outcomes for the present and an evaluative framework for the future.

Poudre River Public Library District Draft Technology Plan 2010-2011, adopted March 3, 2010 (PDF format/884K)

Financial Information

The finances of the Poudre River Public Library District are managed by the District's Administration Department under the direction of its Finance Officer. In accordance with state statutes, an annual budget is prepared and submitted to the Library District Board of Trustees for adoption. The budget is prepared taking into consideration the goals and priorities of the District and in accordance with the financial policies adopted by the Board or required by state statutes.

The Poudre River Public Library District contracts with the City of Fort Collins for vendor payments. Therefore the Library District is included in the "Open Book Spending Transparency" website where citizens can view District expenses by browsing by department.

Annual Budgets and Financial Statements

Intergovermental Agreement between Poudre River Public Library District, the City of Fort Collins, and Larimer County

In March, 2007, city and county officials selected the District's first seven-member Board of Trustees to oversee the transition, operations and future plans of the new district. Guided by a seven-member Board of Trustees and supported with a 3-mill property tax, the Poudre River Public Library District entered into an intergovernmental agreement designed to finalize the public library's transition from city library to library district.

Full Intergovermental Agreement (PDF format/10MB)

Pandemic Response Plan

The Poudre River Public Library District is establishing this plan in response to threats posed by an infectious disease outbreak. The District seeks a measured and responsible response to any pandemic. These procedures represent the District's commitment to provide library services to the public in the safest and most effective way possible during a pandemic.

Full Pandemic Response Plan / Procedures, March 4, 2020 (PDF format/376K)

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