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Computer & eMedia Classes

Hands on Tech: Computer & eMedia Classes

The Poudre River Public Library District offers free computer classes and free eMedia classes.

Handouts for each class are available by clicking on the links in each section. All classes are 1.5 hours in length, unless otherwise noted, and require you to either have taken the Computer Comfort class or have a basic understanding of using the computer and the mouse.

All equipment is provided, though you may choose to bring your own device.

Please note the date and time of the classes that you have registered for on your calendar. Please call to cancel if you are not able to come to class. If you have a confirmed place in a class, please be on-time or your place may be given up to others waiting.

Computer Comfort

Learn and practice the basics of using a computer in this hands-on class. Using the Library's laptops, we will guide you through the fundamentals, including how to turn it on, use the mouse, and connect to the internet.


Presentation (PDF format/929K)

Handout (PDF format/2.24M)

Computación para principiantes

Aprenda y practique habilidades básicas para utilizar una computadora en esta clase práctica. Utilizando computadoras portátiles de la biblioteca, le mostraremos los fundamentos para utilizar una computadora, incluyendo cómo encenderla, cómo utilizar el ratón y cómo conectarse al internet.

Todo el equipo es proporcionado, aunque usted puede elegir traer su propio dispositivo. El cumplimiento de los protocolos de salud pública será obligatorio.


Materiales (PDF format/2.1M)

Create a Gmail Address

You have probably discovered an email address is necessary for so many things in the world. In this hands-on class, we will help you create a Gmail account and use Gmail efficiently and effectively.


Handout (PDF format/796K)

Cómo crear una cuenta de Gmail

Seguramente usted ha descubierto que en la actualidad es necesario contar con una dirección de correo electrónico para muchas cosas. En esta clase le ayudaremos a crear una cuenta de correo electrónico en Gmail y a utilizar Gmail eficientemente.


Developing a Website for your Small Business
What to know from A to Z

Our Business Librarian will show you the various ways to create, host and update your website for your small business. Discover the free and easy to use tools for web creation, local web hosts and how to get the perfect URL.


Family Code Night

Families can learn what coding is - TOGETHER! We will take an hour to go over the basics of coding and then have some hands-on experience coding together in Scratch. For all ages.


Presentation (PDF format/1.4M)

Google Docs

Learn and practice the basics of Google Docs in this hands-on class. Google Docs is a free, browser-based word processor. We will help you create, edit, and share documents online, and we will show you how to access them from any computer with an internet connection.


Internet Basics and Beyond

Internet Basics

Learn and practice the basics of browsing the internet for research, jobs, or just for fun in this hands-on class. Plus, get tips for navigating sign-up forms.


Presentation (PDF format/1.59M)

Handout (PDF format/1.57M)

Internet Beyond Basics

Go beyond the basics in this course to learn tips and tools for online security and privacy. Learn how to access browser data and privacy settings and discover tips for identifying online scams and staying secure online.


Presentation (PDF format/1.19M)

Handout (PDF format/1.27M)

Internet básico

En esta clase práctica usted aprenderá y practicará habilidades básicas con el fin de navegar el internet para la investigación, búsqueda de empleos o sólo para diversión. Además, le daremos consejos para navegar formas de inscripción y para mantenerse seguro en línea.


Materiales (PDF format/1.46M)

Library to Go

If we've learned anything over the course of the last year, it's that so much can be done from home - even checking out library books and movies! In this hands-on class, we will show you how to use the rich resources of the library for use at home or on the go, from downloadable eBooks, audiobooks and movies to databases like LinkedIn Learning (formerly and CreativeBug. Simply bring your own tablet, phone or laptop and we will show you the rest.


Microsoft Excel

Learn and practice the basics of Microsoft Excel in this hands-on class. We will show you how to create and use a personal budget spreadsheet. If are you are new to computers, the Computer Comfort and Word classes are strongly recommended before taking Beginning Excel.


Presentation (PDF format/1.5M)

Microsoft Word

Computer Comfort is strongly recommended before taking Word Basics.

Word Basics

Learn and practice the basics of Microsoft Word. We will help you create, edit and save documents.


Presentation (PDF format/758K)

Handout (PDF format/1.08M)

Word Beyond Basics

Learn and practice creating professional-looking resumés and other documents using Microsoft Word in this hands-on class. Before taking this class, we recommend that you know how to create, edit, and save a document in Microsoft Word. These skills are covered in our "Hands-On: Microsoft Word Basics" class.


Presentation (PDF format/878K)

Handout (PDF format/1.4M)

Microsoft Word en español

Word para principiantes

Aprenda y practique las funciones básicas de Microsoft Word. Le ayudaremos a crear, editar y guardar documentos.

Más allá de Word para principiantes

Aprenda y practique cómo crear su currículum y otros documentos con un aspecto profesional utilizando Microsoft Word. Antes de asistir a esta clase recomendamos que usted esté familiarizado con cómo crear, editar y guardar un documento en Microsoft Word. Estas habilidades se cubren en nuestra clase "Word para principiantes".


NorthStar Digital Literacy Assessments

NorthStar Digital Literacy tests your computer skills. You can build skills in key areas, and demonstrate your knowledge by earning certificates and badges. Prepare for your future now! NorthStar is a program of Literacy Minnesota.

Online Tutorials

Our class instructors have selected websites that offer excellent online tutorials that are free and self-paced.

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