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Reserve a Room: Terms of Use

Meeting Room Information | PDF | Meeting Spaces

  1. Large meeting rooms may be reserved by nonprofit, non-commercial groups engaged in an educational, cultural, intellectual, or civic activity. Groups may be in their formative stages.
  2. Meeting rooms may not be used for onsite fundraising or commercial purposes, including but not limited to:
    1. Exchange of money
    2. Sales of goods or services
    3. Advertisement of goods or services
    4. Requests for donations
    5. Charge for entry
  3. Rooms are not available for individual use, family use, or social functions.
  4. Groups may access rooms at the Reservation Start Time. Early entry into the rooms is not permitted.
  5. Publicity for an event by groups using the meeting spaces must not be presented in a manner which would imply Library District sponsorship of the group's event. Posting materials outside of the meeting room must be approved by a library manager or designee.
  6. Use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  7. Any programs involving animals need to be approved by a building manager.

Equipment and Facilities

  1. Groups are responsible for providing their own laptop, speakers, and adaptors. The Library District staff does not provide technical support for a customer's personal computer and equipment.
  2. Room equipment and technology such as projectors and microphones are available.
  3. Groups using the room are responsible for providing any special communication needs for persons with disabilities.
  4. Groups using the room are responsible for arranging the room to meet their needs.
  5. Groups must return tables, chairs, and equipment to the standard arrangement. A diagram is posted in each room.
  6. Food and nonalcoholic beverages are permitted; please deposit all trash and recyclables in the proper receptacles.
  7. Groups must pay costs for repair of any damage incurred.

The Library District's Executive Director or designee for the Old Town or Council Tree Library Meeting Rooms may make exceptions to these rules. For the Harmony Library Meeting Room, exceptions may be made by the College Vice President or designee and the Library District's Executive Director or designee.

I agree to the meeting room terms of use

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