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How to Use Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan is a service that permits you to borrow materials not owned by this library or are not available through the Prospector system. You may request books, photocopies of journal/magazine articles, and newspapers on microfilm, and a limited number of media items. Most items can be obtained within two weeks. We are unable to request from any country outside of the United States.

All Interlibrary Loan materials must be returned directly the Circulation Desk of the Old Town Library, Harmony Library or Council Tree Library. To place an ILL request, log onto the library web site and click on Interlibrary Loan. Choose the appropriate form based on the type of item you wish. Fill out as much information as possible and submit. Your request will be listed on your library account when we have been able to locate and order the materials, not automatically when you submit your request

Flex cards will require upgrading to a physical card in order to place Interlibrary Loan requests.

Definition and Purpose

An interlibrary loan is a transaction in which library material, or a copy thereof, is made available by one library to another upon request. The purpose of this is to obtain for our customers materials not available in our collections and to loan our materials to libraries which do not own them for the use of their clientele.

Conditions of Service

Interlibrary loan requests are subject to the Colorado Interlibrary Loan Code, the National Interlibrary Loan Code, and the interpretation of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Who may use ILL?

If you have a valid library card you may use the interlibrary loan service (ILL) to obtain materials. If you do not have a library card, you must obtain one before an interlibrary loan request will be accepted. Any blocks on your library card must be cleared before any ILL request will be processed. Please note: Colorado State University students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the University Library's ILL system as CSU's electronic transmission of ILL requests will result in speedier service for them.

How many items may I request at a time?

You are limited to 3 active requests at a time. Active status is maintained from the time the ILL request is made until the material is returned to the lending library.

What items may I request through ILL?

Books, photocopies of periodical articles, and newspapers on microfilm may be requested through ILL. Also, a limited number of Colorado libraries will also loan videos and compact discs. Genealogy books, however, are generally not available through ILL, but photocopying of information is usually available. Materials owned by the library, but which are checked out or are on reserve may not be requested through ILL.

What does ILL cost?

This service is free, unless a lending library charges a fee. Occasionally, a lending library may require that materials be returned via a trackable/insured method. A portion of the cost will need to be paid by the patron. Both fees are passed on to the customer only with prior approval.

How long does ILL take?

The time it takes to fill your order depends on the location of the material and its availability at the library from which we request it. On the average, in-state borrowing averages about 2 weeks, out of state may take four weeks or longer. There are three major factors we consider when choosing lenders:

  1. Load distribution. We must not overwhelm any single library with a large number of requests.
  2. Speed. Past experience helps us determine which lenders fill our requests accurately and quickly.
  3. Cost. Many libraries charge to loan their materials, and unless you have authorized a charge we will only borrow from free locations.

How much information do I need?

The more information you can provide the greater likelihood we will get exactly what you need. In regard to ILL, more is always better.

How will I be notified?

We will e-mail you when your materials have arrived. If no e-mail address is provided in your library account, then we will telephone to let you know your materials are ready to be picked up at the appropriate circulation desk.

Where do I pick up and return ILL materials?

You have the choice of picking your ILL's up at either the Old Town Library, the Harmony Library, or the Council Tree Library.

It is very important that we track our ILL loans accurately. Therefore, we ask that you pick-up and return all ILL items directly to the Circulation Desk at one of libraries during regular business hours.

It is important that you return ILL materials by the due date so we can maintain our ability to borrow materials from other libraries.

What are my options if ILL cannot get my material fast enough?

Your library card entitles you to borrowing privileges at many Colorado academic and public libraries. If you check out a book at another Colorado library, you may return it to us, and we will return it for you.

May my ILL book be renewed?

Generally not. However, if you need additional time for research, please contact the ILL department and we will inquire if any extension is possible.

Will I know if my request isn't filled?

Yes. We will let you know if we have been unable to locate a loaning library.

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