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Borrow from other Libraries

Two services are available to borrow items from other libraries, Prospector and InterLibrary Loan.


Rapid, self-service borrowing is available to authorized users at any of the participating libraries. The system allows you to borrow most items that already circulate at local libraries. When you find what you want, just choose the "Request Item" option and follow the instructions on the screen (Using Prospector). Your request will be processed within a few days and the item will be delivered to your local library.

Where do I pick up my Prospector hold?

Prospector items are located on the self-help hold shelf at the library chosen for pickup and can be checked-out on self-check.

What is the checkout period?

Most items check out for 3 weeks with 1 renewal; some items (generally DVD's) check out for 1 week with no renewal.

Where can Prospector items be returned?

Prospector items can be returned to Council Tree, Old Town and Harmony Libraries, or to the bookdrops conveniently located in Fort Collins, Laporte and at Timnath. Because of the large fee associated with a lost or damaged item, customers may be more comfortable returning items directly to the Circulation Desk rather than using a bookdrop.

What are the fines for overdue items?

As of November 1, 2020, the Library District no longer charges daily fines for overdue or late returns on Library items, including Prospector items. Replacement and processing fees for lost or damaged items still apply.

What if I lose the Prospector item?

A fee will be charged for lost items. As with any disputed charges, all questions should be referred to a Circulation Supervisor.

How can I renew a Prospector item?

Click on "My Library Account" or call (970) 221-6740.

Can I request media items from Prospector libraries?

Yes. Most Prospector libraries loan all of their media items (DVDs, CDs, and audio books). There are some magazines and journals that can also be borrowed.

How long does it take to get material?

Approximately 1 week, although the exact time depends on the library that will be supplying the material.

Do I choose where the item comes from?

No, Prospector selects from which owning library to request the title.

Why would I choose Prospector instead of submitting an ILL request?

Prospector is user-friendly, fast, and efficient. Customers can easily place their own holds and the items will show up on their record immediately.

Prospector gives you more control over your requests. You can check the status of your requests and renew or cancel your request yourself. Additionally, many of the Prospector libraries will loan their books for a longer period of time on Prospector than is available on Interlibrary Loan. Prospector has a 21-day checkout plus a 21-day renewal. ILL is typically 21 days with no renewal.

How long do I have to pick up my material after it arrives?

Like any item placed on the holdshelf, an item will be held for 7 days. Items not picked up within 7 days will be returned to the lending library.

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