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What's a PIN and Why Do I Need It?

A PIN, or personal identification number, is a 4-digit number used when accessing your library account online (My Account). It provides an extra layer of security for your account and personal information, particularly against unauthorized access or use of your library card.

Enabling PINs on library accounts is also part of our larger vision for improving and enhancing our customers' digital experience with the Library.

All library cardholders will be required to create a PIN to access and use features in their online library account (My Account).

Set Up Your PIN

  1. On any library webpage select My Account.
  2. On the account login page, enter your library barcode number.
  3. Leave the PIN section blank and click "Submit."
  4. You will be prompted to create your 4-digit PIN. Type your PIN into the "New PIN" area and again in "Retype new PIN." Click Submit.
    Avoid choosing a PIN that is
    1. A simple number sequence like 1234 or 0000
    2. Any part of your social security number
  5. Once logged in, please review, update, or add an email address by clicking the "Edit Account" link. You must have a valid email in order to retrieve or reset a forgotten PIN online.

When PINS are Needed

PINs are required to access and use the features of your online library account (My Account). This includes editing personal information in your account, placing and managing holds, and requesting items through Prospector or interlibrary loan services.

Some digital resources, databases, and download services may also require you to enter your PIN.

You do not need to use a PIN when checking out materials in the library at the desk or self-check stations.

Changing Your PIN

Use your current PIN to access your account online. Once you have logged in to your account, you can change your PIN using the "Edit PIN" option.

If you forget your PIN

If you forget your PIN, you have a few options for resetting it.

ONLINE: You must have a valid email address to reset your PIN using the online option. Click the "Forget your PIN?" link on the My Account login page. Fill out the form, submit it, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your PIN.

BY PHONE: Call the Answer Center at 970-221-6740 to request to have your PIN reset. You will need to provide proof of identification over the phone so we can make sure you are the cardholder and are authorized to access the account.

IN PERSON: Stop by any of the libraries to request help resetting your PIN. You will need to provide a photo ID. Staff will assist you with setting up a new PIN for your account. Please note: PINs cannot be reset via email requests.

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